Chukasoba Tsubomi中華そば つぼみ

  • Bib Gourmand
  • Cash only
  • Counter dining
  • Reservation not accepted
Chukasoba Tsubomi

The name of the restaurant means “bud”, reflecting the owner-chef’s desire not to forget that feeling of humility before coming into his own. The ‘Niboshi Chuka Soba’ uses three kinds of dried sardines and has a light taste with great depth. If you prefer a richer flavour, we recommend the ‘Noko Tori Chuka Soba’, which is full of chicken flavour. The thin noodles have a pleasant texture, and the bud theme pops up again in the shape of the roasted pork fillet in the middle.

Annual and weekly closing
Closed Sunday
Lunch = Under ¥1,500
1-5-8 Marunouchi, Toyama

* This content is based on the information when “MICHELIN GUIDE HOKURIKU 2021” was published.

* The information is reproduced from the Michelin Guide. Please contact the facility directly for more detail.

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